Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 panel comic

The second assignment from my internship was a 1 panel comic. it is based on a article about The positief effects of Shark cartilage.
The head line sais
"shark cartilage possible positive effect on rheumatoid arthritis."

And the the shak says
"Attacked by an arthritis patient"

(atleast acording to online translation)

The image below was my first idea I would have the upper line saying that Arthritis patient are going to surf. but it was not clear enhoug. Yet I really liked to drawing so I might go work this one out later on.

cheers Michiel


  1. Good one Michiel! I quite enjoy them both. Cool composition/angle on the 2nd image.

  2. The joke on the top one is great! really nice drawings too.
    and in English we just call them single-panel cartoons or sometimes gag cartoons.
    keep up the good work!